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Dogs Running

Pup & Dog Social Meets

Safe play dates for your puppy or dog


Please only book if you have been invited via training classes or 1:1 training, from Zoomies.

Allow your pooch to make new friends in a safe and secure environment, with like minded owners that have received the same Zoomies educational experience as you (no outsiders).

Chester and Ellesmere Port Locations.

What to expect:
- 45minutes.
- Off lead play.
- Secure outside venue.
- Supervised by your qualified trainer.
- Maximum 6 dogs.
- Weekly.
- Book online and pay as you go.
- No commitment, attend when you want, as long as there is availability.

Why choose Zoomies social meet?
- Socialise the right way.
- Prevent unwanted behaviours.
- Prevent fear and reactivity.
- Build confidence in you dog.
- Practice focus in distracting environments.
- Learn to add value to you in distracting environments.
- Your trainer already knows the dogs at the social meet.
- Quiet spaces for dogs when they need it.
- All dogs will be fully vaccinated.
- Support and guidance from your trainer.
- Supervised and managed by your trainer.
- Meet like minded dog owners.
- Everyone has the same Zoomies training knowledge.
- Everyone will be following the same rules and guidance.
- Safe and secure venue.
- Strangers not allowed.
- Gives you an opportunity to put your new training skills into practice.

Other doggy play venues(to avoid):
- Free for all play.
- No rules or boundaries.
- Strange dogs and people.
- Not managed by qualified canine professionals.
- Unvaccinated dogs.
- Dogs left to bully and pester other dogs.
- Dogs left to defend themselves leading to bites etc.
- Not all dogs are having a good time.
- Purely for money making purposes.
- Owners not paying attention to their dog.

Socialising your dog is simply ensuring they have positive experiences.
A well socialised dog is a dog that is cool, calm and focused in all environments.

-Injured/sick/on-heat dogs cannot attend.
-You may be asked to leave if your dog is showing signs of stress or if you are unable to control your dog.
- Meets will be cancelled in bad/extreme weather.
- Cancellations will not be refunded, but can be swapped for another day.

- Children will not be allowed at this time.


When booking, ensure you select the correct location from the drop down box provided:

  • Thursdays 6:15pm - St Paul's Church, Parish Hall, Hooton, 155 Chester Road, Ellesmere Port, CH66 1QF

  • Saturdays 10:30am - Walkers Oakfield Nurseries, Dog Paddock, Aldford Road, Huntington, Chester, CH3 6EA

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